The Master Suite Bedroom

Experience luxury in our master suite, which boasts a queen-sized bed, smart TV, DVD player, and a full en-suite bathroom complete with a jacuzzi tub. Relax and enjoy unparalleled comfort during your stay.

The Front Bedroom

Discover comfort and convenience in our front bedroom, featuring a luminous double bed, ample closet space, and direct access to a well-appointed full bathroom. The ideal sanctuary awaits you.

The Back Bedroom

Retreat to our peaceful rear bedroom, graced with the enchanting artwork of Susan Tooke. Relish the comfort of a double bed, the abundance of natural lighting, a spacious closet, and the ease of a full bathroom nearby. Find your peaceful sanctuary for relaxation and renewal.

The Quilt Bedroom

Discover the allure of the Quilt Bedroom, adorned with a magnificent quilt crafted by Peter Byrne and gracefully displayed on the wall. Relish a tranquil night's sleep in a cozy double bed, bathed in the glow of natural light from the luminous front window. The room offers generous storage for clothing and convenient proximity to a full bathroom, ensuring your comfort is paramount. Delight in a charming and welcoming stay at this distinctive haven.

The Living Room

Discover the pinnacle of coastal living in our spacious, sun-drenched living room. With its abundance of windows, you'll be enchanted by the stunning ocean vista that welcomes you. Venture onto the deck to fully engage with the picturesque surroundings. Indoors, relax with a film or your preferred series on the smart TV equipped with streaming services. The snug atmosphere created by the electric fireplace infuses the room with warmth and allure.

The open-plan design ensures that dialogue moves effortlessly from the living room to the dining space and kitchen, fostering a warm and convivial environment. Experience the charm of coastal living in this magnificent setting.

The Jacuzzi Tub

Step into the luxury of our master bedroom ensuite, complete with a breathtaking Jacuzzi tub. Dive into the pinnacle of relaxation as you bask in the comforting embrace of our cutting-edge Jacuzzi tub's waters.

Crafted for the ultimate indulgence, this expansive tub is a serene sanctuary from daily life's hustle and bustle. Whether you're in search of a healing soak or an intimate getaway, our Jacuzzi tub offers an idyllic haven right in your own home.

Boasting a modern design, our Jacuzzi tub is designed to refresh both your body and spirit. Treat yourself and elevate your everyday routine to a serene, spa-like journey.

The Fire Pit

Discover our stunning fire pit with a view of the quaint town of Upper Island Cove and the scenic Conception Bay. It's an ideal place to unite with loved ones, toast marshmallows for tasty s'mores, and soak in the splendor of the starlit sky. Whether you desire tranquility or a snug rendezvous, our fire pit provides an enchanting atmosphere that will captivate you. Come for a memorable night under the stars, filled with warmth, and joy.

*Firewood not provided but available at the local gas station in Bay Roberts

Dogs Welcome

We hold the belief that every family member should be included in the adventure, especially your cherished canine companion. Recognizing the happiness that comes with traveling alongside your dog, we warmly invite them to our cottage. We supply all the necessities for their comfort, including dog bowls, clean-up bags, and a snug dog bed. So, gather your belongings, include your furry friend, and set off on memorable journeys together at Belle Vue Cottage.

Cozy Corner

Discover our curated collection of board games and puzzles, ideal for those peaceful days alongside a gently glowing fireplace. Relish the calm of misty days and the cozy atmosphere of a softly popping fire as you dive into thrilling adventures across enchanting game landscapes or delight in the challenge of piecing together complex puzzles. Browse our selection today and allow the enchantment of board games and puzzles to transform your foggy day or snug evening into an extraordinary experience.